Parent Aging? Consider A Senior Care Center

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If your parent is aging, now is the time to determine if they should spend time alone. If you think they need someone with them and do not have time for this yourself, you should consider a senior care center. Below is information on what this is and what you should look for in one for your parent. 

Senior Care Center

Senior care involves a variety of services that are available for seniors no matter what stage of life they are in. There are services that allow your parent to be more independent if they do not require a lot of help. They may not be able to drive and need help to go to doctor appointments or pick up prescriptions. If your parent cannot cook, food may be delivered to them, or someone may help them with cooking. 

There are senior care centers that offer more services. Your parent may be at the point where they are not able to care for themselves. The senior care center can help them brush their hair, go to the bathroom, take a bath, and get dressed. This is much safer than your parent doing these things on their own at home. 

What to Look for In a Senior Care Center

Once you find one or more senior care centers you like, take a tour of their facility. Inspect the rooms to ensure they are clean and decorated nicely. Ask if your parent can decorate their room with pictures and some of their own décor from home. This can make your parent feel much more comfortable having their own items surrounding them. 

As you walk around look for fire extinguishers and/or sprinkler systems. If your parent has dementia, make sure the senior care center has ways to prevent them from getting out and walking around outside. The center should have a security system installed in case someone tries to break in. 

Housing Options

Senior care centers often offer different types of housing. This may be a home or apartment if your parent can still care for themselves. They are close to other people at the center so they can develop friendships. Another type of housing option is much like a nursing home if your parent needs constant care. 

Different types of nursing are available at the center. There are personal care services to provide your parent with daily living. There are skilled nursing services that provide medical care for your parent. This includes checking their blood pressure, listening to their heart, checking their oxygen levels, etc. 

If your parent is able, let them tour senior care centers with you so they can find one they feel comfortable with.