Do Men Get Botox?

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If you are a man who is thinking about getting facial botox, you may wonder if other men also have the desire to turn back the clock. You may be surprised to find that more than half a million men get botox each year. In fact, it seems that the number of men getting botox continues to climb each year. You do not need to feel self-conscious about your decision. Your choice to get botox will likely leave you looking younger and feeling great about yourself. In an effort to help you feel even more sure of your need to get botox, here are a few lesser-known facts about botox for men.

Men need more Botox 

Botox works by freezing the muscles in the forehead and face that flex repeatedly and cause wrinkles in the skin. Men usually have more bulk in the facial muscles than women, which makes it so that they need a higher volume of Botox to freeze their muscles. Due to this increase in volume Botox may be slightly more expensive for men. Don't let that stop you though - given the correct quantity, botox is just as effective in men as it is in women. 

Men's Botox locations are different than women's

Have you ever noticed that men and women get wrinkles in different locations? The most common place where women have wrinkles and consequently need botox is right between their eyebrows in the glabella. Men, on the other hand, most frequently get botox at the outer edges of their eyes on their laugh lines. Obviously, every person is unique so talk to your doctor about your personal botox needs. 

Hairlines affect Botox injections

The amount of hair you have may also affect where you need to get Botox. For example, if you are someone who does not have hair, treating your forehead lines may be slightly difficult. The lack of a hairline can make it so that you need botox much higher on your head, rather than just in the middle of your forehead. This can affect the overall volume that you receive. Your physician will have more details on how to move forward. 

In conclusion, a man getting botox will have a different experience than a woman, since they have different needs. You may want to find a physician who frequently injects men so that they have the experience required. Enjoy your youth for longer with Botox.