What to Do When Your Partner Refuses a Colon Cancer Screening

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If it's time for you and your partner to get screened for colon cancer, but your partner has refused, don't start a battle. There is cause for concern if your partner refuses to be screened for colon cancer, but fighting with them won't make them change their mind. It might solidify their resolve to refuse to get tested. That doesn't mean you need to accept their refusal. However, it does mean that you need to proceed with caution. Here are some steps you can take to help your partner agree to a colon cancer screening. 

Schedule Yours at the Same Time

If your partner is nervous about their colon cancer screening, and they're refusing to go, try making it a team effort. If it's also time for your own screening, agree to schedule your appointments at the same time. That way, your partner knows that they have you there for moral support. Another way is to schedule your screening before your partners. When you schedule your appointment before your partners, they'll be able to see the procedure before they go in for theirs. This can alleviate some of the stress. 

Discuss Available Test Options

If your partner is apprehensive about the colonoscopy, and they're refusing to be screened for colon cancer, schedule an appointment with the doctor. Your partner might not realize that there are other screening options available to them. Three non-invasive screening tools include stool DNA testing, fecal occult blood test, and CT colonoscopy. The doctor can discuss the pros and cons associated with these three screening options, which will allow your partner to choose the one that they're most comfortable with. 

Be Honest About Your Concerns

If your partner is hesitant to schedule their colon cancer screening appointment, don't shut down. Instead, be willing to have an open conversation with your partner. During this conversation, be honest about your feelings, including your concerns about their decision to forego colon cancer screening. It's also important that you allow your partner to be honest about their decision to avoid testing. 

Consider Family Counseling

If your partner continues to refuse colon cancer screening, and their decision is affecting your relationship, it might be time to consider couples counseling. There may be deeply rooted reasons behind your partner's decision to forego testing. Couples counseling can help you both explore your feelings. It can also help you understand, and come to terms with, your partner's decision. 

For more information, contact clinics that provide colon cancer screening services.