Partner Undergoing Gastric Sleeve Surgery? How to Prepare for Your Role as Caregiver

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If your partner is scheduled for gastric sleeve surgery, and you plan to be their post-surgery care provider, it's time to prepare for the process. You can be a major support to your partner during their recovery, especially if you're prepared. Here are five tips to help you provide care for your partner following surgery. 

Start the Dialogue

If you're preparing to be the caregiver once your partner undergoes gastric sleeve surgery, the first thing you need to do is start the dialogue. Your partner will be learning how to adjust to a whole new life, which will include the way they eat. If you're going to help them adjust to those changes, you'll need to know where to start. Before your partner goes in for surgery, make sure you know what they're going to need from you. Also, be sure to continue the dialogue during the recovery period. That way you're prepared to provide the care your partner will need. 

Join a Support Group

While your partner is preparing for the surgery, you'll need to know what to expect. One way to do that is to participate in a support group. There are other couples who are in the same position you're in. Joining a support group will allow you to learn from their experiences. Not only that, but they might be able to learn from your experiences too. 

Get the Family Involved

If you want to help your partner adjust to their post-surgery life, get the family involved. This is especially important if you and your partner spend a lot of time with extended family. Your extended family will need to make some adjustments, as well. For instance, your partner's dietary needs are going to change after surgery, which means your extended family will need to know how to accommodate those changes during get-togethers. 

Have a Copy of Instructions

If you're preparing to be your partner's caregiver following gastric sleeve surgery, make sure you have a copy of the post-operative instructions. Those instructions will provide important recovery tips for your partner. However, they'll also provide information that will help you ensure a successful recovery for your partner. 

Get Your Questions Answered

Finally, if your partner is going in for gastric sleeve surgery, and you're going to be their caregiver during the recovery, you may have questions about the procedure. One way to get those answers is to visit the doctor prior to surgery. That way you and your partner can get answers to those questions. If you can't attend the pre-surgery appointments, write questions in a journal. That way your partner can write down the answers to those questions during their next visit.

For more information about how to help with gastric sleeve surgery recovery, contact a local company near you.