3 Reasons to Choose Mini Gastric Bypass Surgery

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Losing weight can be a challenge, especially if you have a lot of weight to lose. The effects of obesity can be life-threatening. Many people turn to gastric bypass for help shedding unwanted pounds.

A new variation of this surgical procedure is growing in popularity. Mini gastric bypass can offer some significant benefits that will help you reduce the risks of obesity while minimizing your discomfort.

1. Spend Less Time in Surgery 

One of the reasons you may want to consider a mini gastric bypass is to reduce the amount of time you spend in surgery. Obesity increases the likelihood of experiencing complications with anesthesia.

The risk of anesthetic medications causing cardiovascular or respiratory failure is amplified for patients who are overweight. By reducing the amount of time that you are under anesthesia for your weight loss procedure, a mini gastric bypass can minimize your risk of potentially life-threatening complications.

2. Minimize the Potential for Post-Operative Complications

All surgical procedures can be risky. The more invasive a surgical procedure is, the higher the chances of post-operative complications. A mini gastric bypass can help reduce your risk of developing any problems as you recover from your weight loss surgery. This reduction comes from the simplicity of the procedure itself.

A mini gastric bypass utilizes fewer anastomosis, which is the creation of new connections between the intestines and the stomach. By reducing the number of anastomosis created during surgery, you reduce the amount of damage your body must recover from once surgery is complete.

3. Experience Significant and Lasting Weight Loss

Gastric bypass is widely known as one of the most efficient ways to shed a lot of weight quickly. For those who suffer from obesity, gastric bypass can be a life-saving procedure.

You may worry that a mini gastric bypass surgery will not provide you with the same results as a traditional gastric bypass, but this isn't true. Research shows that patients who undergo a mini gastric bypass can expect to lose 75% of their excess weight in the year following surgery.

You can also count on the results of a mini gastric bypass to last. Surveys show that 10 years after surgery the average patient was able to keep 70% of their excess weight off.

These long-term results can make a mini gastric bypass a valuable tool that will help you improve your health and achieve your weight-loss goals over time.