3 Simple Solutions To Flu-Proof Your Home

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Your family will most likely become ill or injure themselves at one point in time. Managing symptoms can ease your family member's discomfort and medications will treat the sickness, but certain illnesses can be spread throughout the home, affecting other members of the family. Considering the flu can spread to others up to 6 feet away, one person with the virus will place everyone in the household at risk. Thankfully, you can reduce the risk of everyone developing the flu virus. With these simple solutions, you can flu-proof your home.

Make Sure All Members are Vaccinated

If one person in your family has the flu, you still have time to make sure other members are vaccinated. Although the vaccine is recommended in the fall before the flu season begins, it is never too late to receive the vaccine.

Adults can choose from the traditional intradermal shot, which is administered through the skin. For a higher rate of protection, which is beneficial if one family member already has the flu, adults can choose the high-dose flu shot. This higher dose offers a higher level of protection by increasing the strength of the immune system.

Flu vaccines can also be given through a nasal spray. While not as effective as the traditional intradermal or high-dose shot, the nasal spray is a less painful option for your younger family members.

Wash Your Hands

Most people know the importance of washing their hands to remove dirt, debris, germs, and bacteria, but proper washing is also effective for killing the flu virus. To prevent the flu virus from spreading any further, make sure everyone washes their hands in the proper manner.

Each member of your family should run their hands under the faucet, rinsing them with warm water. Then, antibacterial hand soap should be applied and massaged over, under, and around the hands and fingers. Make sure each person scrubs their hands with the soap and water for 20 to 30 seconds before rinsing and drying.

Clean Your Home

Even if only one member in the family has the flu, the virus can spread to everyone in your house through the indoor air quality, furniture, appliances, and every other member of the family. To reduce the risk of this virus spreading through the entire household and affecting each family member, make sure to clean your home properly.

Use anti-bacterial and anti-viral sprays and wipes to disinfect common areas of the home. Spray or wipe down doorknobs, sink faucets, toilets, remotes, computer keyboards, and handles to the refrigerator, oven, and microwave.

Sponges, towels, and dish cloths are appealing places for germs and bacteria, so do not leave these items around the house. Dispose of old sponges and wash towels and cloths in hot water regularly.

Watching a loved one suffer from the flu is difficult, so protecting the rest of your family form this virus is essential. To learn more about flu protection, contact health professionals at a clinic like Hampstead Medical Center PC.