Retired And Looking For Care And Assistance? Know Your Options

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If you are a happily retired senior and you are looking to get more care and assistance in your living situation, then you may find yourself trying to determine what options you have to choose from. Before you make a snap decision about your care and assistance options or you become overwhelmed by the different options, get to know more about some of those different options and the benefits that they can provide you. Then, you can be sure that you are making the right decision for you and your needs.

Senior Assisted Apartments

One of the many senior care and living options available to you is what are known as senior assisted apartments. These apartment complexes are designed specifically for seniors (generally residents need to be 55 or older). There are many aspects of these apartment buildings that are different from any other standard apartment.

Hallways, both between apartments and within the apartments themselves, are wider in senior apartments to accommodate canes, walkers, and wheelchairs. Most restrooms in the apartments have wall-in showers as well as bathtubs with handles to help with balance and to avoid falling as well as handles near the toilet.

Services are also available at senior assisted apartments like Sunnington Assisted Living that would not be available at "regular" apartments. Many senior assisted apartments offer three meals a day to residents in communal dining areas if they would like to participate. Some even have beauty and barber shops, an on-site store, religious services, and more. Some even offer full housekeeping services and laundry and linen services as well as other forms of assistance to residents.

In-Home Care Services

If you are attached to your family home or prefer living in a house to an apartment, then you may want to look into in-home care services rather than senior assisted apartments. This care option can provide you with the assistance you need while you are able to stay in and maintain your own home.

The extent of the care provided by in-home caregivers will vary based on the amount and type of care that you need. If you simply want help with housekeeping and are looking for companionship, then you can opt for a non-medical caregiver service to provide you with weekly or daily visits and assistance for a few hours at a time.

However, if you need assistance with daily living tasks, medications, physical therapy, and more, then you may want to choose a home caregiver service that offers medical assistance or care by nurses and certified nursing assistants.

With these options in mind, you can better determine which senior care and assistance living situation is right for you and your situation.