The Trials And Tribulations Of Fair-Skinned Women

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Being a fair-skinned woman was quite in fashion a century or two ago. In recent years, paleness has made a bit of a comeback, especially since tanning is associated with skin damage. However, may pale people feel the pressure to spray tan in order to look less ghostly. They certainly have to worry about sun damage more than their less melanin-challenged counterparts. These skin challenges tend to be exacerbated by age. If you are pale, you need to know how to protect and repair your skin.

Skin Products

If you are pale, you should take advantage of anti-aging products, moisturizing creams, and sunscreens from a young age. The less damage you incur from sun exposure, the more years you'll have without wrinkles. Of course, your skin naturally loses elasticity over the years, so it won't look twenty when you are fifty, but you can be a really young-looking fifty. Consider using retinoid products, which are available over-the-counter and are effective against wrinkles. If you want something stronger, visit your dermatologist for prescription-strength help. 

Skin Veins

You probably knew about spider veins on your legs, but you may not have realized you could get facial spider veins, another pleasant gift of aging. These blue and red marks can blossom across your cheeks and the nose area. Although some make-up products can cover these veins temporarily, they may not give you the results that you want. Your dermatologist may recommend one of several different methods to correct this issue. Lasers can be used to destroy the vein which is then absorbed into the body after a period of time. You may also be a candidate for a pulsating light treatment that helps improve the appearance of these veins. 

Age Spots

As a pale person, you may pretend that those large brown spots on your skin are just freckles on steroids, but at some point, you need to face reality. They are a result of long-term skin damage. You may notice them more on the left-side of your body because of the rays you absorb while driving the car. Fortunately, laser and dermabrasion treatments can fade them. Also, some OTC creams may be helpful as well. 

Being pale means that you may experience a number of skin issues as you age. You are more prone to wrinkles, sun damage, and broken veins. Although the prognosis sounds depressing, you can help minimize these problems by using protection from the sun and seeking help from the beauty counter and your dermatologist, like one from The Sheen Vein Institute.