3 Excellent Reasons to Get a Stairlift

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Stairlifts are specifically created to help those who can't go up and down stairs get up and down them safely. Having a stairlift of your own installed in your home can provide so many great benefits for you. This article will discuss three excellent reasons to get a stairlift. 

It Gives You Access to Your Entire Home 

Not being able to go up and down the different sets of stairs in your home because of mobility issues can be incredibly frustrating and disheartening. You may feel that you are trapped within your own home, and you may also feel that you are wasting a lot of space that would otherwise be very useful to you. A great way to get to all of the areas within your home is to have a stairlift installed. This stairlift will be able to get you safely up and down the stairs without your ever having to move a foot from one stair to another. 

The Stairlifts Are Made Custom Fit to Different Stairs 

No matter what kind of stairs you have, the stairlift is going to be custom fit to them. For example, if your stairs are straight, then your stairlift will be a simple, straight line attached to your wall. However, if you have a curved staircase, or one that turns halfway up, then the stairlift will bend and turn right with the staircase. The custom fit of the stairlift will be required to pass all safety inspections so it is completely safe and functional for you to ride in. Some stairlifts also add more support in terms of the chair that lifts you, such as seat belts, harnesses, arm rails, foot rests, and more. 

They Can Be Installed Both Inside and Outside 

When you think of stairlifts, you likely think of their being installed indoors. While this is a common location for them, you will be happy to know that they can also be installed outside as well. When a stairlift is installed outside, it is made out of materials that are resistant to weathering, and all of the controls are safely installed inside of weather-proof materials as well. An outdoor stairlift is great for installing on the stairs going down your deck or patio as well as the stairs in your garage. This gives you full access to not only the interior of your home but also the exterior of your home.