3 Ways To Make Your Smile Shine Bright And Look Right

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Whether you want to straighten your teeth or brighten them, getting the right dental procedure done or taking the right steps to clean your teeth at home is key. Here are three popular treatments that can put the perk back in your pearly whites, so you can focus on your social life instead of dental strife. 

Whitening, The Professional Way

With 99.7 percent of adults believing a smile is important to their social appearance, it's no wonder so many want to brighten their teeth. Around 3 out of 4 people think having whiter teeth affects your ability to get a good job, too. For an in-office cleaning, experiencing a whitening of up to ten shades in an hour is possible for some patients. That's a huge difference in a short amount of time. 

Affordable Orthodontic Procedures: Straighten Those Teeth

From braces to mouth guards specialized to fit your mouth, affordable orthodontics can help you keep your smile straight. While some procedures can cost thousands of dollars, $5,000 is a good estimate, the good news is that many dental offices take credit cards, will finance, or can help you by taking payments over time. If you have a low income, local dental schools or free clinics may offer the services you need on a sliding scale. 

Veneers for a Perfect Grin

If your teeth have seen better days and whitening or straightening them won't do the trick, veneers are another option. These are molded teeth that are fit over the teeth to provide you with a realistic, straight smile. The veneers are a thin coating of material that cover the front of the teeth. Much like a wooden veneer, the base is still under it, but the veneer is all the outside world can see. There are pop-on veneers, custom veneers, and other styles to try. They're usually made from porcelain, so they don't stain easily and are easy to maintain. They protect the teeth and provide a classic, bright white smile in just a few dental visits. Veneers do require that some of your teeth have their surfaces sanded down, so remember this before you decide to get them. You likely won't be able to go without them again, but you can always have them removed and replaced if damaged. 

These are three possible procedures you can try to give your smile the look you want. Try one or all three; you'll be pleased with your smile! Visit http://www.reedorthodonticsnaples.com for more information.