How 3D Imaging Technology Gives You the Best Plastic Surgery Outcome

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High tech has finally met plastic surgery through 3D imaging. If you are thinking about getting plastic surgery on any part of your body, consider hiring a plastic surgeon who utilizes 3D imaging, and you will find that your surgery results are better than you expected. Here is how 3D imaging plastic surgery works and why it gives you better results.

Computerized Photos before Your Surgery

3D imaging scanners take multiple pictures of your trouble areas prior to surgery and create 3D models your surgeon can use to make the exact modifications you want. The imaging scanners also create 3D photos which, when processed through the "after surgery" software, will show you exactly what your new body or body part will look like. For example, if you want your breasts augmented or reduced, the imaging scanners and software can show you what your breasts will look like when adjusted to specific cup sizes. This is really helpful if you are unsure how much bigger or smaller you want your breasts to be.

A Three-Dimensional Map for Incisions, Lipid Removal, and Bone Shaving

Your surgeon can use the 3D images taken of you before surgery to map out on your body or face the exact locations of incisions and bone, fat, and skin removal. Usually a plastic surgeon has to make dashed lines in the projected surgery zones with a surgical marker, but the 3D imaging completely takes any guesswork out of the process. The images streamline your surgery for both you and your doctor by putting an end to any unnecessary incisions or adjustments (during surgery) to create perfect physical symmetry.

Compare and Contrast Post-Surgery

Once the shunts have been removed from the surgical sites and most of the swelling has receded, you and your surgeon can use the 3D imaging to compare and contrast the results. If the results match up perfectly with the 3D imaging, plastic surgery beyond the initial surgery is not needed. If you feel that the images do not match your body and you are discontent because a small fat deposit was missed or the bones in the bridge of your nose are still a little too bumpy, your surgeon can make adjustments before the incisions heal entirely.  If you are interested in seeing some of the results other patients have received from the use of 3D imaging and plastic surgery, visit a surgeon that offers the imaging process as part of your transformation.