3 Pieces Of Equipment That Can Help You Take Care Of Your Elderly Parent

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Are you providing home care for your parent? If so, you likely know how much hard work is involved. Not only do you have to tend to your parent's needs, but you also have to take care of yourself and any other dependents you may have. Fortunately, there are a number of devices that can help your parent be more independent in the home and help you ensure their safety. By using some of these devices, you don't necessarily have to be with your parent around the clock. Rather, you can tend to other obligations and still know that they're safe in their home. Here are three popular devices that help elderly people gain more independence in their own home:

Medication dispenser. If your parent has trouble reading their medication labels or even remembering simple instructions, then you may not feel comfortable with them taking their medication on their own. Accidentally taking too much or too little could have dangerous side effects. However, it may also be difficult for you to be there every time they need to take a pill.

That's where an electronic medication dispenser comes in. They come in a variety of sizes depending on how many medications your parent takes. You take the dispenser to the pharmacy and the pharmacist loads the medication. He or she can also program the dispenser so that it only releases medication at a specific time. When medication is dispensed, an alarm goes off to let your parent know that it's available. That way, they only take the necessary medication at the appropriate time.

Motion detectors. This is an effective way for you to monitor your parent's movements without invading their privacy. These systems come with a few sensors that you place in high traffic locations around their home, such as the living room, kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom. The sensor pick up their movement through the home and then display it on a dashboard that you can access online.

This allows you to monitor their movements from your home or work. If they fall or have some other accident, you'll notice on your dashboard that they've been in one spot for a long period of time. You can then check on them or call for help.

Bariatric shower and commode seat. For many parents and children, bathroom and shower times can be complicated and downright embarrassing. Your parent will be relieved to have the independence to use the bathroom and shower again on their own without you assisting them. It will also relieve you of the burden of physically lifting your parent onto the toilet or into the bath.

These are basically wheelchairs that can also go into the shower. They also have an opening in the seat, along with a storage tank, for bathroom waste. The chair will allow you to leave your parent for short periods of time without worrying about them having an accident or falling while trying to walk to the restroom.

You should also look into bariatric hospital commodes that they can use.

Talk to your parent's doctor about other helpful devices. A home care supply store may also be able to recommend solutions.