Not Just Ancient History: How Today's Modern Apothecaries Can Help You

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Many people today may not even realize what an apothecary is. An apothecary is a medical professional that dispenses, compounds, and creates many types of medications for patients and doctors. An apothecary is not only a pharmacist, and able to dispense modern day prescriptions for patients, but they also seek and provide a much more personalized and in-depth knowledge of the patient's medical history and needs. Indeed, one of the aspects of an apothecary that has gained popularity in today's age of organic medicine is the apothecary's knowledge of alternative and natural remedies.

How an Apothecary May Benefit Menopausal Women

If you are one of the millions of people that are trying to turn toward natural remedies such as botanicals and organic products rather than use pharmaceuticals, you will be able to find far more natural remedies at an apothecary shop. For example, you may be able to get a prescription for bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (HRT), which uses a type of yam to replace hormone deficiencies.

In light of some of the research that indicates that some types of synthetic hormone replacement therapy can actually increase risks for cancer, many menopausal women are searching for relief that will not harm more than it will help. Not many regular pharmacies can even offer the bioidentical HRT products, but is very likely that you would find them at an apothecary, since they actually specialize in organic and natural products.

Additionally, the apothecary carries their duties beyond handing over your prescription. You will often get a detailed consultation and will be highly encouraged to stay in touch regularly with the apothecary to ensure you are using the correct dosage and to oversee your improvement or any side effects.

You Can Find Everything You Need

Even if you have no problems using synthetic prescription products, you can still find a wonderful array of natural and organic beauty products, vitamins, health products and medical accessories in a good quality apothecary shop.

From makeup to herbal remedies to prescription medications, an apothecary shop offers far more versatile and wide-reaching products, which are dispensed by a licensed, accredited pharmacist.

While there are currently no reliable statistics to indicate exactly the number of apothecaries in the United States, they are still plentiful enough that most large, medium and even some small cities will have one.

It's well worth your while to branch out and see all of the services an apothecary can offer you. For more information, check out a company like Potter's House Apothecary, Inc.