Cremation Vs Standard Funerals

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If you have had a family member pass away, in addition to dealing with your grief, there can also be a question as to how they would want their memorial services handled. If your loved one passed away without any directive on how they want their funeral services handled, there are many options on how to proceed. Each option has its own costs and benefits. In an effort to make this time easier for you, here is a quick guide to the different types of funeral services, like cremation and standard funerals.


Pros: Cremation is significantly less expensive than a standard funeral. This is due to the fact that there is no need to purchase a coffin, preserve the body of your loved one, or dress them up for the funeral. Only the actual cremation must be paid for. Cremations have become increasingly more common than standard funerals. While there used to be some taboo on the subject of cremation, most people are very understanding these days. 

Cons: Cremation can often be difficult to explain to children. Since they are unfamiliar with death, they sometimes need the ceremony of a funeral to help them get a little closure. Sometimes families disagree with the decision to have an individual cremated. This can often be true in families where religion plays a large role, since some religions believe that bodies are sacred. 

Standard Funerals

Pros: Standard funerals give individuals the opportunity to mourn together with their dead, since they are often visible through the service. This can be helpful when death has happened quickly, or in instances when it was not expected. 

Cons: Sometimes people pass away in ways that do not allow them to have an open-casket funeral. This can sometimes be more traumatizing for families than a cremation would have been for religious people. In addition, standard funerals are often very expensive, sometimes with life insurance failing to cover all of the costs. 

In conclusion, there are many options out there on how to honor your loved one. Take a little time to ponder what your loved one would have most preferred since this really is about them. If they were religious, their ecclesiastical leader may also have some insight as to what they would have wanted, since some religions do not participate in certain services. 

For more information on the types of funerals, including cremation services, contact a funeral home.