Dermal Filler Answers For Patients

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Protecting and preserving your appearance as you age can be a challenging task, but modern procedures can make it far easier to preserve your youthful appearance for longer. One of the treatment options will be the use of dermal fillers.

What Types Of Cosmetic Problems Can Be Corrected With The Application Of Dermal Fillers?

Among the more common problems that are treated with dermal fillers will be wrinkles and other uneven spots on the surface of the skin. Injecting a small amount of dermal filler into these areas can help to even out the skin to be more uniform. The exact results of this procedure will vary, and patients should receive a consultation from multiple treatments provides to ensure they have a reasonable understanding of what to expect.

Will The Placement Of Dermal Fillers Be A Permanent Change To Your Appearance?

Patients are often extremely hesitant about undergoing a procedure that will have permanent changes to their appearance. However, dermal fillers are a procedure that is temporary in nature. The body can breakdown the fillers that are injected under the skin, which will cause the results to gradually fade after many months. Some patients may decide that they do not like the appearance of their dermal fillers. For these patients, it is possible to have this procedure reversed. This is done by injecting a resin that can rapidly breakdown the filler.

What Is Involved With Recovering From Dermal Fillers?

The recovery period for dermal fillers is fairly mild compared to what many patients may assume. Generally, the recovery period is fairly short, and most patients will find the worst symptoms of their recover only last for a couple of days. During this first part of the recovery, patients may experience swelling, bruising and tenderness. Typically, medication will not be required to manage these symptoms, but patients that receive numerous dermal fillers may be given anti-inflammatory medications to help reduce the severity and length of the swelling.

When individuals are needing to correct a variety of minor skin problems, dermal fillers can be an invaluable treatment option. However, individuals often assume that any cosmetic procedures will be highly invasive and painful, which can lead to them skipping out on the benefits of dermal filler treatments. These fillers are able to even out the skin so that wrinkles and other blemish are corrected while having a minimal recovery period and being reversible for patients that so desire.