The Most Important Things You Should Know When Having An Early Surgical Abortion Performed

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Do you have some major concerns because you are going to undergo an early surgical abortion to terminate a pregnancy? Because this is an experience you have never been through before, the idea of undergoing this kind of procedure may be frightening to you. Although it is normal to feel nervous about it, knowing more on the procedure, the length it takes, and the types of sedation options that are offered could leave you feeling more at ease about everything that is going to happen.

The Length of the Procedure

You can expect to spend several hours at the abortion clinic for the procedure, but the abortion will usually only take a few minutes for the surgeon to complete. Although it is a rather short procedure, you must first be admitted into the office, talked to about the decision you are making, and then prepared for the surgery. Before beginning the procedure, you will need to take pain medication that can keep you from feeling too much discomfort. You may also receive medication that sedates you and keeps you calm throughout the surgery.

The Sedation Options

Different levels of sedation may be available to patients based on what they would prefer. Local anesthesia is one option. It helps to numb the cervix to prevent some pain during the procedure. However, you would remain awake throughout the surgery and you could end up experiencing some cramping of the stomach.

If you are concerned about the pain and are worried about feeling too uncomfortable while undergoing the early abortion, IV sedation would be a separate sedation option to consider. With this level of sedation, you are going to be in a state of unconsciousness, unable to remember anything about the surgery. When you awaken, you will no longer be in the surgical room and will instead be resting in a recovery room where you can have something light to eat and drink, such as water and crackers.

If you believe getting an early surgical abortion is the right decision to make but you feel nervous about undergoing this type of procedure, you should know that the procedure itself does not take too long at all and is often completed within minutes. Sedation is offered to patients to reduce discomfort. If you are extremely nervous and worried about the pain, you can always choose to undergo IV sedation where you are not awake during the procedure and will not have to deal with nearly as much stomach cramping.

For more information, reach out to early surgical abortion clinics.