How Can You Make Your Mobility Scooter More Comfortable?

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There is no doubt about it, having a mobility scooter instead of a manual wheelchair can change your life if you have mobility disabilities. While these scooters are mostly designed to be comfortable for just about anyone, some people find that staying on the scooter for long periods leaves them feeling uncomfortable. From having aches in your back to a sore butt from sitting in the seat, most of these issues are things that can be mended. Check out this short list of ways you can make your mobility scooter more comfortable if you spend a lot of time on it. 

Have the seat replaced on your mobility scooter.

Just because your scooter came from the manufacturer with one type of seat, it does not mean that the same seat is the only option you have and you have to keep it. In fact, there are multiple types of seats that are designed to work with many different scooter models. For example, you should be able to find: 

  • a captain's style seat with armrests and a taller back
  • a wider seat that gives you more room to get comfortable  
  • a seat with a higher back or a reclining capability 

Invest in a well-padded seat cushion. 

If the main point of discomfort on your scooter comes from your behind, you may only need a new seat cushion to offer you a little more padding. You can pick up custom-made seat cushions for mobility scooters at just about any medical mobility supply store. Plus, you can get cushions that are filled with cooling gel, are ergonomically-designed, or even created to help with certain medical issues. For example, if you struggle with hemorrhoids, you can get a seat cushion for your scooter that prevents pressure application to areas where you are most sensitive. 

Get a hand-control extension for your scooter. 

If the scooter you have does not have elongated control handles, it can mean you have to slightly lean forward to reach the handlebars and controls while you are in motion. This alone can be tiresome and uncomfortable if you use your scooter a great deal. If you have this problem, look for hand-control extensions for your scooter. These extensions attach to the regular controls but reach further back toward you. Therefore, you can stay in your comfortable resting position and still move the scooter around as you need to while you use it.