Reasons To Refresh Your Appearance With Botox

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When you have lines or wrinkles, you may consider your options to improve your skin's appearance. Botox is an easy option for many people because it has numerous benefits over more invasive procedures.

Short-Term Changes

The results associated with Botox are short-term, which can be a benefit. Instead of taking the plunge and going through a facelift or other permanent cosmetic changes, your results will wear off in time if you are not satisfied with the change. Unlike surgical procedures that require a lengthy wait to see your results due to swelling, the benefits of Botox are typically apparent within a matter of days. The results of Botox typically last around six months. As it approaches the time to repeat the procedure, you can decide whether you want continue with treatments or opt for something different.

Subtle Results

Everyone is different regarding how they feel about procedures to enhance their appearance or what they believe others will think. For some people, any form of plastic surgery or surgical procedures to enhance their appearance can be embarrassing. Subtle changes from non-surgical options that reduce fine lines and give your face a more youthful appearance are less drastic and harder to detect by others.

Since Botox does not require a lengthy appointment or recovery time, it adds to the discreetness of the procedure. There can be some bruising or slight discomfort after the injections, but any discoloration can be covered with makeup the next day. You will likely look more refreshed instead of obviously appearing to have "had work done." If you choose to have a procedure in the future, such as a facelift, it might be less noticeable to go from Botox to a facelift, because the change in your skin texture may not appear as drastic.

Better Makeup Application

Another benefit to smoothing out fine lines and wrinkles with Botox is not only your bare skin appears more refreshed, but your makeup application is improved. Many women find makeup can separate and settle into lines, even if they purchase expensive products. If you typically have deep wrinkles, making them more shallow can help makeup products, such as primers, work better at filling in the lines and giving you a smooth canvas for makeup. When you have fewer and/or shallower lines, you may feel less inclined to use thicker foundations, which can actually make the problem worse.

When you want the skin on your face to appear smoother, Botox is a good option for your first procedure. Many people find regular touch-ups with Botox give them better skin texture and subtle changes.