How To Know If You Need Emergency Medical Care For Your Asthma Attack

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In many cases, an asthma attack can be treated at home with the use of prescribed inhalers. However, it is important for you to know when your asthma attack is to the point where at-home treatment will simply not cut it and you need to get to the emergency room. To help you know when it is time for a trip to the ER, you will want to check out the following signs of danger.

You Are Using Your Inhaler Too Much

Your inhaler came in a box with instructions on how often to use it and how many puffs you should take each time you use it. You may have a daily use inhaler that you will use on a regular basis, as well as an emergency inhaler that is a little stronger. That inhaler is used when despite using your daily use inhaler as prescribed, you are starting to have trouble with your breathing. Should you notice that you are using your inhalers much more than suggested by your doctor, they are not working and it is time to head to the emergency room. Your asthma could take a turn for the worse at any moment, so it is best to get there before it does.

You Are Having Trouble Doing Regular Things

If you are finding that you are having trouble doing things, such as walking across the room, climbing a few steps, or cleaning a few dishes, it is time to head straight to the emergency room. When you get to the point that doing much more than simply sitting still is causing you to have trouble breathing, it is best to refrain from attempting to drive yourself to the emergency room because you do not want to cause an auto accident. Have a friend, family member, neighbor, or an ambulance take you.

You Find That You Are Second Guessing Yourself

If you find that you are second guessing your decision to stay home and then you are second guessing your decision to go to the emergency room - you just need to go. You are to the point where you realize that the need is there, but you are wavering back and forth for some reason. The sheer fact that going to the emergency room popped into your head is reason enough to go when it comes to having troubles with your asthma. Remember, breathing problems can go from mild to life-threatening in a matter of minutes, so you do not want to waste a lot of time arguing with yourself on whether you should take a trip to the emergency room.

With those three points in mind, you should be much more aware of when it is time for you to seek emergency medical care for your asthma problems. Visit to learn more.