Three Things You May Not Know About Your Road To Recovery After A Tummy Tuck

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Your doctor will tell you the basics of healing after a tummy tuck: don't lift anything heavy, there will be a little swelling, and expect pain. However, there are so many little things that women aren't told about while recovering from a tummy tuck procedure. For instance, having a comfortable bowel movement after surgery is nothing but a dream. Below is a list of things that no one tells you regarding your road to recovery after a tummy tuck.

You Are Going To Swell

Your doctor has already told you that you will experience some swelling after the surgery; however, "some swelling" is putting it lightly. If you think that you are going to go home and fit right into your dream size pants, you are wrong. The swelling in your stomach will not allow you to do this. Also, do not weigh yourself for at least four weeks following your tummy tuck. Your body is swelling and will be full of fluid, so the scale isn't going to be your friend right away.

Don't Be A Hero

It's normal to think that you can do it all after a few days of recovering, but you can't. It's not bad to ask someone to wait on you while you are recovering from this procedure; it's actually something that you should do. If you push yourself to tend to the house and children only a few days after surgery, you could damage yourself or cause a stitch to bust. Ask for help around the house and take time off to fully recover.

Stool Softeners Are Your Friend

Constipation is a normal side effect of having a tummy tuck. You probably won't be able to have a comfortable bowel movement on your own for a few weeks. This will only cause you more discomfort. Use stool softeners when needed. Be sure that you are close to a bathroom when it kicks in. After the tummy tuck, you are going to be moving around very slowly, which means you will be walking to the bathroom really slowly. To save yourself from embarrassment and a mess, make sure that once your stomach starts to rumble, you are on your way to the nearest bathroom.

Your doctor will give you the basics when it comes to proper care after a tummy tuck; however, there are more things that you should be aware of. Just follow the tips listed above and you will have a much easier time recovering from this procedure.

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