Migraine Sufferers Have A Variety Of Treatments Available To Them

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Migraines are severe headaches. They can be marked by visual, audio, or scent auras. Visual auras include things like halos around object, strobe effects, and darkening areas that end up giving the sufferer tunnel or pinpoint vision. Audio auras can include things like hearing static, thunder, or sounds that can sound like voices in the distance. Scent auras are exactly what they sound like, people smell odd things, scents that don't belong in their location. For example, people may smell citrus when there is none around. Migraines can really interrupt a person's life, making it difficult to function normally. So, what options do people who have problems with migraines have?


One option for migraines sufferers is injections of a variation of botulism. The injections are given in the face, forehead, and scalp. The medicine helps to paralyze the muscles in those areas for a few months. That has been found to help with migraines. This treatment is somewhat successful for some people. 


There are a variety of medications that people can take when their migraines start. They can help to head off a migraine before it gets too bad. Those medications include things like beta blockers. Beta blockers were originally made for things like high blood pressure and other heart problems. However, they were found to be helpful to some people who had chronic migraines. They work by blocking the body's uptake of certain things, like adrenaline. They also help to relax the blood vessels in the body, which can help with migraines. Not only can these migraines be taken to help head off a migraine or to help get rid of one, they can also be taken regularly in order to help the sufferer not have any migraines to begin with. 

Chiropractic Care

Chiropractors are trained to adjust the spine with certain stretches and adjustments to help get the spine straighter and make it fall back into its normal shape. This can really help with many things, including lower back pain and migraines. There are studies that show chiropractic can help with migraines. Frequent treatments can help release the stress in the nerves and muscles in the neck. That stress can help cause migraines or make them worse. Regular treatments will help to keep that stress from building back up and causing more migraines. Chiropractic treatment (such as is offered by Advantage Chiropractic) has been successful for a percentage of people who suffer migraines. 

Migraines can be debilitating. There are treatments that can make it easier for sufferers to get back to their normal lives.