3 of the Grossest Myths Concerning Contact Lenses

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Many people want contact lenses, but are afraid of some of the more gross rumors out there. These are understandable fears, even if they are ungrounded. If you have concerns about some of the myths that come with inserting a piece of plastic onto your eyeball, you're not alone. Here are some of the most common myths and why you shouldn't worry about them.

1. A Contact Lens Cannot Get Lost Behind Your Eye

The gross factor on this particular myth is high. The thought that anything can get "behind" your eye just sounds terrible. Fortunately, it's just not true for one main reason—your conjunctiva.

The conjunctiva is a membrane that covers the whites of your eyes also attaches to your eyelids. This means that a lens getting behind your eye is a physical impossibility. This rumor probably comes from people developing pink eye (conjunctivitis), and thinking the cause was their contact lens moving.

2. A Contact Lens Will Not Get Stuck To, Fuse With, Or Attach Itself to Your Eye

It's true that a dry contact lens and a dry eye make for sticky companions. However, this doesn't mean that your eye is in danger of permanently becoming one with the lens. All it takes is a little bit of moisture to remove the lens.

This problem likely stems from people with poor lens habits. They will let their lenses get too dry, which then creates the sticky feeling. This can also happen with improperly sized lenses. But in both cases, water, saline, or any lens solution can help you remove the lens with no problem. Wear your lenses as intended and follow your optometrist's instructions. Dryness will never become a problem.

3. A Contact Lens Is Not the Root Cause of a Terrible Eye Infection

Some eye infections can look really scary. It's easy to blame contact lenses on such infections without looking at the true underlying cause. It is true that a contact lens can contribute to an eye infection, but it's not true the contact lens is the cause. It's almost always a question of hygiene and proper use.

If you don't use or clean your lenses as instructed, then you put your eye at risk of infection. This particular myth is the only one that can come true for you. But it's a self-fulfilling prophesy—you can easily defeat this myth.

Don't let these myths, or any others, stop you from enjoying contact lenses. Rather than listen to rumors, get the facts from an optometrist like Dr Ron Sealock