Keep The Memories Alive: 3 Ways To Share Memories When Your Loved One Passes Away

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Planning a funeral is never an easy task. You may be dealing with so many emotions that it's difficult to put together the type of funeral that your loved one deserved. While you're planning the funeral, it's important to find ways to help you keep the happy memories alive. Here are a few ideas to help celebrate the memories you have of your loved one. These ideas will help family and friends remember, as well.

The Open House

One of the easiest ways to share memories of your loved one is to plan an open house for your closest friends and family. You can have the open house either before or after the funeral services. Many people have thoughts and stories that they would like to share, but are not able to at the funeral. The open house will provide you with the opportunity to hear stories and memories about your loved one in a secure and loving setting. You may hear stories that you've never heard before, which will add to the memories that you already have.

The Sharing Table

You might have seen memorial tables at funerals. These tables allow family members to place memorable items to help tell a story about a person's life. The sharing table goes one step beyond the memorial table. The sharing table is designed to grow as participants add to the memories. Invite friends and family to place favorite pictures, or bowls of a favorite candy on the table. Once the services are over, you can enjoy seeing how many different items were shared.

The Living Memory

Flowers are a beautiful way to keep the memory of your loved one alive, especially if they are living flowers. Your guests will enjoy taking home a special memory of your family member. These gift packets are easy to make and you can have a friend put them together for you.

Supplies You'll Need

  • Small fabric gift pouches

  • Gift tags

  • Forget me not flower seeds


  1. Have someone print out gift tags with a special note about your loved one.

  2. Place a few seeds into each gift pouch.

  3. Attach the gift tags to each pouch.

  4. Place the seed pouches on a table at the funeral services for your guests.

It's never easy to say goodbye to someone you loved. The memories you have of them will help sustain you while you plan for the funeral. Use these simple ideas to keep those memories alive. Work with a funeral home and cemetery that will cater to your needs and ideas, such as Catholic Cemeteries.