Two Benefits Men Can Gain By Doing Kegel Exercises

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Although some people may believe that Kegel exercises are strictly for women, this is not the case.  Kegel exercises can also be performed by men, who may be surprised at the great benefits that follow.  The process for doing Kegel exercises is similar in men and women, with the goal being to strengthen the pubococcygeus (PC) muscle that sits at the base of the pelvis. 

By simply squeezing the muscle and holding it before release a few times each day, the muscle becomes toned and is able to perform in a much better fashion.  Learning more about the ways that men can benefit from performing Kegel exercises can help you determine if you should begin a Kegel regimen today.

Kegel Exercises For Men Can Lessen The Affects Of Incontinence

For many men, few things are as embarrassing as the inability to control their urination.  Whether the problem is minor, resulting in small trickles after urinating, or more major, rendering the man unable to control his urine at all, it can be very frustrating to deal with incontinence. 

While there are certainly pads and other devices that men can use to absorb urine, these usually feel foreign for many men because they are not as accustomed as women to having to use sanitation napkins of any kind.

If you are a man who wants to lessen the affects of incontinence, Kegel exercises may be the key to helping you do so.  When your PC muscles are strong, it helps to put you back in control of your urination. 

Kegel Exercises Can Help Men Perform Better Sexually

Premature ejaculation is an extremely common male sexual problem that can be difficult for some men to talk about.  Ejaculating prematurely can leave a man's mate unsatisfied, and could lead to feelings of inferiority if left unchecked.

Kegel exercises can prove to be a very beneficial way to help men perform better sexually.  By strengthening the PC muscles, men can learn to literally "feel" when an orgasm is coming.  Once the feeling occurs, they can squeeze their newly toned PC muscles to delay the orgasm, allowing them to continue to perform until they are ready for release. 

If you want to begin a Kegel routine, you can find a great technique by clicking here.  With regular practice, you can start to experience the benefits listed above in as little as three to six weeks.  Start your routine as soon as possible so you can enjoy these advantages and many more.